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Mobile DRAM
Winbond Electronics Corporation is a leading supplier of semiconductor solutions to the consumer, computer, communications, and electronics product markets. Winbond developed the mobile DRAM devices with a low IDD current value, which helps Winbond to extend mobile DRAM memory applications beyond the mobile phone and tablet market to areas of mobile consumer electronics and mobile communication. Winbond mobile DRAM devices support both x16 and x32 data widths. Major features for the families of products shown in the table below include the following: Sequential or Interleave burst、High Clock rate、Standard Self Refresh、Partial-Array Self Refresh (PASR)、Automatic Temperature Compensated Self Refresh Rate(ATCSR)、Deep Power-Down (DPD)、and Programmable output buffer driver strength. Please refer to the datasheets for specific features. They are ideal for portable multimedia players, wearable devices, automotive applications, consumer electronics, gaming devices, and mobile devices.

Specialty DRAM
Winbond’s DRAM product portfolio is consisting of Mobile RAM, Specialty DRAM and Graphics DRAM. Specialty DRAM, focusing on low and middle density, features characteristics of high performance and high speed and is widely used by leaders in the consumer, communication, computer peripheral, industrial, and automobile markets. Completed solution can be provided to variety customers. SDR, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 support for Industrial and automotive application with AEC-Q100, TS16949, ISO9001/14001, OHSAS18001 certificates. Winbond provides professional advices to KGD customers, including SiP package bonding & power/thermal, DRAM simulation, wafer level on speed test…etc. Graphics DRAM-GDDR, moreover, is targeted for high performance applications including PC, game console and multimedia device.

Code Storage Flash Memory
The Code Storage Flash Memory family consists of NOR, NAND and TrustMETM Secure Flash Memories. Winbond is the #1 supplier of Serial Flash products in the industry and is the largest unit supplier of NOR flash memories. In this SpiFlash® family, products range in densities from 512Kb through 512Mb mostly in small 8-pin packages, in addition to 16-pin SOIC and 24-ball BGA packages at 3V and 1.8V with speeds up to 104MHz. A complimentary industry standard “GL” family of Parallel NOR Flash products ranging in densities from 32Mb through 512Mb is also offered. The SLC NAND Parallel flash memories are offered in densities from 1Gb through 4Gb in JEDEC standard packages and are compliant to the ONFi standard. As an extension to the SpiNOR family, Winbond offers Serial NAND products in 1Gb and 2Gb densities with special features like continuous read which facilitates fast data transfer between flash and DRAM on system designs. The Serial NAND products have built-in ECC and bad block management which simplifies the management of NAND. All of these flash products are available as KGD (Known Good Die) as well. A family of Multi Chip Package (MCP) NAND + DRAM products are also offered ranging from 1Gb through 4Gb densities at 1.8V primarily used in mobile and other applications. With AEC-Q100, TS16949, ISO9001/14001, OHSAS18001 qualifications, flash memory products are available in Industrial grade and several of these products are qualified for Automotive grade. These products in the flash memory family are used in computer, communication, consumer, mobile, automotive and industrial applications.

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